Can I Lose Weight While Pregnant?

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Jul 17, 2023

Today, I want to chat about pregnancy and the questions some women ask about weight loss. It’s not safe to lose weight while pregnant because you want to diet; or are concerned about your body image. I want you to embrace your body and how it is changing to be able to carry your growing baby.

There are exceptions when you will lose weight during pregnancy or gain more weight than normal. Your midwife or doctor will carefully monitor your weight loss or weight gain and advise you accordingly.

We know that losing weight during pregnancy isn’t ideal with growing a healthy baby. The other aspect about this is that if you are losing weight, you may not be getting all the required nutrients and calories for a healthy pregnancy.

Can I burn fat while pregnant?

Another question I get is ‘Can I Burn Fat when Pregnant?’ Again, you should not be trying to burn fat or lose weight while pregnant. Your body is also growing to support your growing baby. If you’re extremely overweight and pregnant, your doctor may provide you with a guided exercise plan and diet to help you achieve a healthy weight. 

What if I lose weight in early pregnancy?

There will be times and valid, normal reasons you will lose wight in early pregnancy. This weight loss could be due to:

1. A healthier lifestyle. Carrying a baby can motivate some mamas to pursue healthier lifestyle choices that they may not have done before getting pregnant. Maybe you are losing or maintaining a healthy weight because your are exercising and eating healthier foods.

2. Morning sickness. In your first trimester, it’s common to lose weight due to morning sickness. Having that feeling of nausea can diminish your appetite. And if you are vomiting; this can cause you to lose out on calories. Don’t worry, your baby will get all the necessary calories and nutrients they need at this point.

If you are losing a lot of weight make sure you tell your doctor. They should also pick up on this during your regular prenatal check-ups.

Can I diet to lose weight during pregnancy?

It is important to note that your body will change more during your pregnancy than at any other time. Now is not the time to go on a weight-loss diet. Your priority is to maintain a healthy body for both you and your growing baby.

Restricting your food intake is potentially harmful to both you and your developing baby. Your diet should contain all the healthy food options to provide you with the required calories and nutrients you need.

So if you are presented with a weight loss ad in your online searches, please ignore it and move on. Also, ignore those so-called influencers who are showing off their bodies trying to promote an unhealthy pregnancy body.

Warning Signs for Weight loss during pregnancy

While some weight loss early on in the first trimester may be normal; losing weight in the second or third trimester can be a sign of a problem you need to discuss with your doctor.

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